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Translation agency in Russia
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Translation agency in Russia

Even people who know each other from little up very often fail to understand one another quite well not to mention those who are born and grown up in different hemispheres of Earth and speak different languages! Just tell us, who is the potential reader of your text or for what purposes you need it. And we will do it.

Flarus translation agency, a russian company, offers a wide range of translation services: translation, correction, editing, proofreading from most of the world languages: arabic, chinese, german, english, finnish, french, greek, hindi, dutch, italian, hebrew, japanese, korean, croatian, polish, portugese, romanian, russian, serbian, spanish, czech, turkish, ukrainian, hungarian.

Translation agency in Russia is established in 1999 in Moscow. We have performed 20.000 translations for over 7500 clients and translated 17 books ready for publication. Also, we are happy to present our special project - Translation news.

Translation Prices

How much does it cost to translate a text? The main advantage of Translation agency in Russia lies in a good combination of low prices and high quality. We appreciate our work but nevertheless strive to gain profit owing not to high surplus but due to quick and accurate performance of many orders. This makes possible our small team due to a special job engineering, our "know-how". In this way our clients get best service without overpaying.


The main priorities of the Moscow Translation Agency are effective work and specialization. We have learnt that such work enables us to improve quality and to cut the cost of translation. Working with us you will see that these are not idle words! What do our clients appreciate us for?

For performance quality and quickness. For comfort and prompt dispatch of orders. For readiness to execute both the smallest orders (translation of a half-page letter to a foreign partner) and the largest ones (thousands of pages of the most complicated technical documentation) to perform which we shall employ simultaneously a whole number of translators. For competence and friendliness!

Quality translation is a translation that guarantees adequate rendering of the meaning of the original text, in compliance with the norms of the target language and cultural peculiarities of the native speakers of the target language. Only texts that correspond to all the above requirements will get past editors of Translation agency vigilance to be delivered to our customers. Your evaluation of our work is very important for us, as we put much effort in monitoring the quality of our services.

We handle every order with absolute confidentiality, and we will never share or sell your information to anyone.

How we Work

We review the document, calculate the cost and execution time of the translation, and send you a quote of translation. Each potential order is attributed a unique number and saved in our data-base in the current orders category.

We always quote the precise cost of translation before you make your decision, and we do not start the translation until we receive your confirmation. After you receive the quote, you can cancel the order with no expense spared. If our offer is accpetable for you and you want us to start translating, please, answer the letter received from our manager.

If necessary, we can conclude a translation services contract. The contract fixes basic provisions for the rendering of such services. An annex for the contract is drawn up for each separate translation order and includes clauses on cost of the order.

We start the work on your translation. If no special requirements as to the format of the translation file are made, all translations are edited in Microsoft Word format. A completed order, translated and proofread, delivered to you via e-mail. We appreciate your time, so we put much emphasis on accurate and efficient document flow. Our managers will prepare all necessary documents accounting for services rendered (contract, schedules, acts and original invoices).

Your evaluation of our work is very important for us. If you have any questions, we kindly ask you to contact Translation agency in Russia.

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